Decorative favourites – Travel decor.

Last year I redecorated my bedroom. There’s something quite refreshing about painting something a new colour and shopping for little accessories to bring your theme to life. I wanted to keep the colours quite neutral and calm, but I also wanted to put a bit of personality into it too. As I love travelling I decided to get a few travel themed pieces to bring it all to life. I still see bits I love to this day and have to stop myself from spending a crazy amount on cushions and candles, but I have picked out a few of my favourites to share with you here.

Les Tours Eiffel Bookends – Anthropologie NY – $48.00


I found the Eiffel Tower Bookends online at Anthropologie and fell in love with them straight away, especially since Ben and I had recently been to Paris. We had a trip planned to New York last April, so I decided to wait until our holiday for me to buy them. We visited the Anthropologie store on Fifth Avenue and I managed to buy the last set, talk about fate! They were also available online in the UK for about £38.00. They are made of ceramic and hand painted so each pair is unique. I use these to prop up all my travel books as they make for quite a quirky addition to my room, plus they are perfect with my travel theme.

Sahara Medallion Grey Rug – Urban Outfitters Online – £75.00

Cat not included.

My room was missing the final touch until recently when I found the perfect rug online at Urban Outfitters. This is the Sahara Medallion Rug in Grey. It’s an online exclusive and comes in 2 sizes; the 2 x 3ft is £25.00 or the 5 x 7ft which is £75.00. I went for the 5 x 7 as I have quite a large floor area to cover. It’s not like a conventional rug which is rigid and needs to be rolled, it’s more like a woven mat which I think makes it ideal for both the summer and winter as it isn’t too heavy. It’s hand made from cotton so each one will be slightly different to the next, plus I love the medallion pattern, it adds more of a Moroccan style to my room whilst staying in-keeping with the colour theme. It is also available in Blue and Yellow and as you can see, my cat loves it too!

Moroccan Copper Lantern Light – Dunelm – £15.00

My mum had bought the cream version of these lamps from Dunelm for the spare room, I loved the style so had a look online to get myself a set too. I stumbled across the Copper ones and knew I had to have them. They are £15.00 each, plus they aren’t too tall so make for an ideal lamp for the bedside table. Along with a few other bits in my room, it makes it feel a bit more exotic and adds a bit of colour without being over the top. There are loads of copper lamps I could have purchased but for the value, these were a definite winner for me!

Vintage Suitcases – Car Boot – £10.00

Vintage suitcases seem to be everywhere at the minute. I’ve seen them online in wedding photos, as home decorations and even being used as shelves! There is something quite charming about an old leather suitcase and after seeing so many online I had to find a few to use in my room. Ben took me to a local car boot one Sunday and a stall had about 15 different ones all at varying prices. I wanted to stack about 3 or 4 in the corner, so I picked two of my favourites and Ben managed to get them both for about £10.00. For accessories like this, it’s best to try local car boots and markets as you might just bag yourself a bargain. I’ve had a look online and there seems to be a premium for cases like these on stores like Etsy and Ebay as they’re desirable items, but I’ve found the best place is the car boot. I need to get one more and my collection will be complete. It makes the room a bit more vintage than modern, plus I’m always intrigued to know more about the people who used to own them. It’s the ultimate recycling.

Chalkboard Globe – Gift 

I was gifted the Chalkboard Globe by my parents last Christmas. I’m not sure how much it was but I have found a few online which are similar to this for about £45.00. This was probably one of the best gifts to get as a travel obsessive. The globe came with a pack of chalks too so you can write messages or draw on it as you please. I love the fact it has the copper stand as it fits perfectly with my room. I keep this on my shelf and change the message on it as and when, it would also be really handy as a reminder or to do list as it’s eye catching. It’s definitely one of my favourites! I have seen a similar one at George at Asda recently for £15.00 after a bit of an online shop, worth snapping one up for that price!

Executive World Map Wallpaper – Murals Wallpaper – Made to Measure

My whole room was designed around the wallpaper. I found an image on Instagram of a map on a wall so I started doing some research into map wallpapers. I stumbled across the Executive Map on Murals Wallpaper and instantly knew I had to have it. The colours in this particular map are slightly more muted that the traditional blues and greens which makes it ideal for home decoration. It also formed the basis of my colour theme as I could also introduce copper and red along with the grey and blue. The map is made to measure and comes in two of three panels depending on the size of the wall. It starts at £25.oo per meter squared, the company provides a quote for the made to measure size you require. There are also three grades of paper; light, medium or heavy. I went for the medium and it felt substantial enough, plus the colour quality is fantastic and it was easy to hang. My travel themed room now has it’s centrepiece!

Rose Gold Polaroid Frames, Pegs & String – New Look – £4.99

I am ALWAYS checking the home section at New Look as they sometimes have some great travel or copper themed pieces. They only stock a limited selection at any one time so it’s always worth popping back every now and then to see what’s new. On my most recent trip I saw the Rose Gold Polaroid frames and peg set for £4.99. I have a few magnetic photo strings from Urban Outfitters already hanging in my room, but I liked the idea of displaying some of my photos with a bit more colour. The set includes 10 rose gold frames (they’re made of card so aren’t heavy), 10 white pegs and a piece of black and white striped string. You can hang this virtually anywhere to show off some travel snaps. I also had some polaroid style photos printed at Photobox (they’re 30p each) which fit perfectly in the frames. I’m yet to find a place to hang these up, but I thought it made a cute addition if you want to display some travel pics. You could also make your own version by purchasing some coloured string and plain wooden pegs. Wilko’s have a pack of pegs for £2.00 so it’s a great, affordable way to get your photos on show.

Photos taken and owned by Amy.


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