Review of the Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike.

My Pendleton Somerby Bike.

I was gifted the beautiful Pendleton Somerby bike for Christmas by Ben. It was a complete surprise and one that I absolutely adore. I enjoy cycling and after visiting Amsterdam, I longed for a proper dutch style bike to replace my ageing but reliable mountain bike.

Before Christmas, I had done a lot of research into the kind of bike I wanted, with the aim of saving up and purchasing one in the new year. There is a wide range available now that are affordable, Raleigh has the ‘Sprit’ line, B’Twin has the ‘Classic’ range and Pendleton has the ‘Somerby’ collection. I was spoilt for choice, but after reading numerous reviews and test riding a few, I knew my heart lay with the Pendleton.


The collection is available at Halfords and ranges from £250 to £280 depending on the colour, accessories and size. The variety of colours was one of the many reasons I longed for this bike, it’s available in Blue, Mint (as pictured), White, Red and Green Grey. It’s a pretty tough call between the Green Grey and Mint as they both have that classic look but stand out from all the other standard coloured bikes on the market.


The Somerby comes in two frame sizes, 17″ and 19″. I’m 5ft 3″ but I find the 17″ is perfect with the seat correctly adjusted (right at the bottom!). All the bikes in the collection come with 7 speed Shimano gears, swept back handle bars, leather saddle and handles, cream tyres, rear pannier rack and a lightweight aluminium frame.

Pendleton also offers a few additional extras for your bike, including the wicker style front basket (£40), single pannier bike bag (£40) and the Pendleton light set (£10). Mine came with the wicker style basket which can be easily removed when needed.



I’m used to clunky gears from my old bike, I felt like I was forever oiling them to try and make them feel smoother. With the Pendleton, the gear shift is smooth and perfect for varying surfaces. So far, I’ve ridden this bike on paths and roads, on the flat and going uphill and the gears have far surpassed my expectations. The gear change is located on the right handle and doesn’t impede on the appearance of the bike.


Comfort is by far one of the most important aspects about a bike.  If the bike is comfortable you’ll enjoy it even more and find numerous excuses to pop out on it whenever you can. The sprung seat on the Pendleton makes for an enjoyable ride, bumps in the road feel smoothed out while the leather material gives a high quality finish. On the few trips i’ve been on with this bike so far, I can’t fault it for comfort. The swept back handle bars look classically dutch, but also encourage a more straight backed posture, this for me made riding feel effortless. There are also fitted mudguards for both the front and rear tyres. I’ve been off road numerous times on my bike and always come back covered in water/mud/dirt so this will be a welcome improvement from my old bike.


I love storage on a bike. The added basket and rear pannier rack really help when carrying extra items, it’s perfect for picking up a few items from the shop or for commuting to work. I’ve added a few bungee straps to the bike so I can attach items to the back without buying an additional bag. I also use the front basket to store my helmet and bike lock when i’m not using them, I know now that I’ll never misplace them! It’s great knowing I can jump on this bike and not have to worry about luggage or where to store things. I would advise investing in a kick stand as the bike doesn’t come with one. I found one on Amazon which easily clips on to the bike. I can now leave it stood up in the garage rather than leaning it against something. The clip on stand also doesn’t cause damage to the paint or frame like the usual screw-on ones do. The bike is a Hybrid which means it doubles up as a town and mountain bike. This bike can be used either on or off the road making it an ideal choice for someone looking to ride on different terrains without paying the premium for a bike specific to a terrain.


If you are going to be using this bike on the road, it’s important that you’re visible. The Pendleton comes with a front and rear fitted reflective light. As I wish to use this in the evenings and on main roads, I have also invested in two extra LED lights which can be attached anywhere on the bike. They have USB charging and are easily visible to other road users. I also bought a bike lock so I can secure it wherever I stop. Invest in a high quality lock and your bike will be kept secure for evermore.

Of all the bikes I have seen, I am so pleased I have this one. It offers everything I could wish for of a town style bike, without the hefty price tag. With a few inexpensive added extras, it’s ready to be used in any situation. The colour choice alone makes this a striking bike and i’ve already received comments about it’s classic look. I’m yet to try this on different terrains, so will update as and when I use it, but so far I’m in love with this gift.

Here are the links for my added purchases:

Kick stand – Available on Amazon

USB Lights – Available at Halfords

Photos taken and owned by Amy.


Let me know what you think.

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